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@ Kahuna Craft: I have similar info from Wakemakers, having thought through a set of extra pumps and piping they told me explicitly not yet to go ahead with ordering/drilling holes into the hull, since there's going to be a firmware which enables custom timers for piggy backing.

The calibration process involves roll calibration with the boat just sitting level probably best on a trailer, and pitch calibration with driving above 4000RPM for 60seconds in a straight line.

@bcd: as Kahuna described you could set up profiles with around 25% (stock hard tanks) and 100% (tanks and sacs)

The advantage, and the main reason why I want the firmware change is that you keep fill levels in your BIG, unlikely though with a bypass solution.
Main reason why MC might not want it (in the past) is that they're afraid that the people will automatically pump their boats full with 2000lbs of water because of their own faulty sacs/plumbing.
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