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Originally Posted by byane View Post
If i transfered money to someone for something and they quickly colsed their account and vanished im not sure how paypal can hold them accountable but if the buyer contacted paypal about the situation and paypal looked at the fact that this person did this the buyer would probably be reimbursed because paypal is probably insured for just such shenanigans. Hehe. We have probably never met online this is the first forum i nave ever been in. I have never even had a facebook page. I had to google what the heck PM meant. I learned that it means private message. Im still not 100% certain how to actually do that. If you have ever done any watersports on the Atlantic Intracoastal Watwrway in the Myrtle Beach area you have probably run into me. I also visit Trophy Lakes in Charleston, sc Hexagon Wake Park in Raleigh, nc & Orlando Watersports Complex as frequently as possible.
Excellent and welcome to the boat forum. You'll fit right in here....I think I saw you over near Myrle Beach last summer.

PayPal is about the only game in town for direct and convenient transactions. I have used PayPal several times as have many others here (I presume) and it's a going thing.

Look, you box up that ski (easy enough), set up an account at paypal dot com, and tell the buyer to send you the funds. Look on line at PayPal in your account the day you expect the funds, confirm that they have paid and go to the USPS and send it out. Done deal.

Hurry back.

John 14:6
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