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Question Milky oily water leaked out of transmission!

I have a 2000 mastercraft with indmar v drive. I have loved this boat since the day my family bought it. I had a bilge pump out and noticed after almost filling my hull completely with water. I have diagnosed the water problem coming from the water pump bearing and seal leaking on the pulley side of the impeller housing. I also fixed the bilge pump. When I pulled the boat out of garage to hook up fake a lake(to diagnose where water was intruding) I then noticed oil had dripped out of hull onto the ground. A lot of oil and water. I then used a suction pump and fed tube into transmission to suck out what appeared to be about 2 quarts of milky watery oil! I'm freakish at this point. I drained remaining and filled with fresh oil with intentions of running in driveway with fake a lake to mix and then repeat my process of changing fluid to get rid of any remaining water. When I hooked up the fake a lake and cranked engine I could not get transmission to engage. I moved the throttle forward and engine would rev but prop was not spinning. The tranny made zero noise. It did not seem to engage and the engine was purring beautifully. Any thoughts? Is my transmission ruined??

My best guess is that water penetrated a seal on tranny last time it was run and then leaked out in my hull and then onto the ground in garage. I don't know why it would not engage at all.. It seams like it would have made some noise or grinding or something. Is there a sensor that keeps transmission from engaging for any reason?

Any input would be appreciated.

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