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Originally Posted by Scot View Post
the fact that the speedo on the left stays at zero even though the wind and water sounds seem to say that the boat is moving and the fact that the right one never moves, it seems that they are clogged/malfunctioning.

We need more info from the poster. Is your left speedo accurate? What was your throttling? When the motor is screaming are you at WOT or less?
Hi Guys,

I have the boat in gear in both videos, so i am accelerating. The fist video is from a still start (speedo doesn't work in this video but i am moving), and the second video is accelerating from 3000rpm.

It is not the rev limiter.

The reason for the high rpm is barefooting. I have owned the boat for 6 months and put 20 hours on it, i have barefooted behind it numerous times (and the day before this started happening) and it has never done this before.

The speedo is temperamental, sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.
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