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I know my measurements are not accurate, but we aren't talking 1/16", this thing is bent! Stand above it, close one eye, and its clear. Tried to get a good pic to show it but couldnt get one that proved my point. Going to the machine shop tomorrow morning. Cant imagine why they cant straighten a piece of brass but if they say no its option 2b. Will lag bolt it to a couple 4x4s and use my hands and feet, get it as close as I can.

Apparently this is not a simple replacement, says these older struts can vary, my best bet may be with all dimensions on their worksheet? Might be pricey, I dont know. Any ideas of other places to look? I am sure I can bend it if need be, I just trust the equipment in a machine shop more than my make-do garage methods. Biggest concern is keeping the tube round under pressure.
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