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Back on the thread jack question

The boat rolls 4k plus seems to bounce off rev limit and takes 11 seconds to hit 30 mph and winding it out.

The second vid shows the engine falling off at 4+k and tops out -40 mph. Peaks at 4800

I am very curious that the boat is struggling so hard to get to 30 but is reving high rpm.

Before y'all flame me

1) Explain why the engine is screaming and takes forever to get to 15-30 mph. Is this a low HP engine?

2) instead of just dropping the throttle to the floor can the boat be driven normal rolling into the throttle and the prop staying somewhat even with rpm all of the way to 36mph.

3) did this just start doing this or is the boat new to you.

4) is the correct prop on the boat

5) what is the factory rev limit

6) why at 30 mph to wot does the boat creep up to speed.

Rpm turning (screaming) and boat not accelerating is a sign of slipping.

It looks like a tranny problem since you are spinning 4k and the mph starts increasing extremely slow. My boat will be up to 36mph in 6-7 seconds. 11 seconds we will be well over 40 possibly 46-47 mph on GPS

I would check tranny fluid color, smell, level, etc

Next I would evaluate the proper use of the boat under 4k rpm

If the tranny and engine perform correctly then agree there is obviously other issues.

A TPS that has a bad spot can confuse the ECM and can either lean out the engine or flood it. And there are other sensors that will cause the engine to bounce at any rpm.

My main concern is the fact the engine screams and the boat doesn't want to come up to speed.

Is it full of ballast, weight, etc there is no reason for the engine to take 11 seconds to come up to speed.

4k rpm and keeping it while accelerating is not a sign of bogging down. Engine is spinning strong and has weak acceleration.... Then we have 4-4800 rpm bouncing. Are we hitting rev limit???? If yes then you do not have engine problems.

If your rev limit is not hitting then you more than likely have a sensor failure.

Again boat has poor acceleration with high rpm. I need an explanation for this.
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