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Originally Posted by Rossterman View Post
Planned to tackle the sub box this weekend while i have the drivers kick panel out working on the final parts of the ballast install (too many spring projects!). Planned to build the box internal dimensions to .66 cuft per specs and placing behind the panel, puttin the panel in place trace the kickpanel cutout onto the face of the box and pulling apart to cut and reinstall. Anyone have recommendations for a better way or done successfully this way before?
You will notice a big improvement with the sub box addition. I didn't think to install everything to trace the kick panel cutout. I just cut everything to center the box, installed everything, and then cut support pieces to install under the box to support it.

One thing I did to help, was I predrilled the front of the sub box and kick panel so once I installed everything in for final install, it was easy and quick to get the two screwed together.
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