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Weird positive outlook

Can I say that as a vocal proponent of conservative rights this election has solidified something in me. And that something is "me". I can no longer rely on the government to stay out of my way (i had hope that it would) and like no other time in my past I have realized that I must not only fight for success but fight my government to have success and it has hardened me like Damascus steel. I will fight harder than ever before and along the way I hope to drag people to my way of thinking which is content of character, minimal government and hard work will win out. Maybe not for my generation (im 36) but for my kids and future generations. In a weird way it has given me energy. I know i will have to work harder and longer but damn them.... all of them. I believe there is a stupid party and an evil party and I’ll leave it to you to figure out which ones which.
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