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aw man, sorry to hear that Tex. That sucks. well, I have been there dude. Sometimes grilling just goes bad. I am very generous with the F word myself and let it fly way too easily. If you can still drive, you can crash at my sofa. or Hoosier Bobs. His stinky gym socks might be lying around though......

BTW, I would have flung it into the yard too, just out of frustration. I am proud of you for that, and I am not joking either. Ya know, one time at work, my boss' brother hit his thumb with a hammer and got SOOOOO pi$$sed off that he busted a door right off the freakin hinges....I was proud of him wishing he was my own son! I know the feeling, and you have to let it out! Dont keep it bottled up.
Skidog, dont forget to take your Geritol.

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On a different note: I like LOTS of snort comin' out of the hole.

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