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Originally Posted by Sydney Skier View Post
This is more for the outboard guys. Im currently running the stock 14.24 x 17' cast prop on my rig. However 1 blade is severly bent (not me the previous owner). Im going to switch to stainless steel as iI know from past experiences that they do improve boat performance.

The question I have is what props have you tested with what results?

Im thinking that a 14.25 x 19 3 blade may be a little bit better all round propeller. Yes I know this could open up a thread of "how long is a piece of string" but before i go spending big money on props I thought i would see what everyone else is doing.

Boat is mainly used for social skiing and im 135 KGs and 6'4. my partner is around 60 Kgs and 5'10. we usually have 2 people skiing and between 2 -5 (roughly 80 KGs each) people in the boat with a full fuel load.

Any results would be good. Cheers
Make sure the prop shaft isn't bent and the cone isn't "egged". This is one area where stainless can be a problem- if a boater tends to be in water with a lot of obstructions, a prop strike can do more damage to the out drive.
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