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Originally Posted by peason
Monte, you may want to factor in if this client is going to give you more business in the future? You may not want to low ball him. I always find it best to see how much they want to get out of used item - sometimes you can get it for lower than you thought and that way if they want too much - it's out in the open and you won't offend him by offering too little.

Don't know what it's worth, but it looks like a decent board with nice bindings.

On wakeside website the 2007 model gets good reviews and the board runs $300.00 and bindings are $168.00.
Most likely will be dealing with him in the future... Wouldn't low ball him anyway, really just trying to make sure of the value factor. I really wish he would have left the amount he wants for it on the note.. I don't mind paying for it just don't want to pay more than its worth... But that is the great unknown..... Thanks for the input on the reviews and current pricing ...
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