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Well I went down hard this morning,no picture.
A picture would not have shown what happen.
You know when you fall forward and do a flip or two and the ski stay on your foot.It happens to me allot.(too much)
Well I wonder where that ski is wail I'm falling.
Today I got bitted by that ski.
It hit me in the jaw and my arm.
It felted like I broke my jaw and it still does.
My arm has one hell of a burse and is very sore.
I think I might have knocked some teeth lose too. I can't eat.
My driver today was the was the guy that that all of the pictures for me.
He is also the X-ray Tec. at the hospital and if it does not stop hurting he want to get x-rays of it.
I would go do that now but today is his day.
No smiley face this time I hurt.
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