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It's a b*tch.

You can do it two different ways:
0. Find each connector that feeds wiring up into the dash. Using a silver Sharpie, mark a different number on the two matching halves of each connector, and pull them apart. This will help a bit in putting things back together.
1. Each section of dash panels is held into the front of the dash with wingnuts. Reach your hand in from behind and below the dash, through the rough-edged fiberglass cutout that the wiring harness goes through, find each of the wingnuts by feel, unscrew them, and pull the dash panel out the front. Repeat as necessary until you've found all the wingnuts.

2. Remove the steering wheel and the steering box. The bolts around the mount hold the bottom of the dash cover to the solid fiberglass of the top deck of the hull. Then, you'll find (one, several????) wingnuts holding the outer edge of the dash cover to the deck (if you look under the dash, and forward to about where the forward edge of the dash cover is, you'll see one). Remove all the nuts, and the entire dash cover should pull out. This makes accessing the dash panels much, much easier.

I did approach one when I was replacing the depth gauge in my dash. Boy, what a pain! hig did approach two (you can see that the entire dash cover is out and on the ground in his photos). If you're going to replace all the dash panels like he did, I'd certainly pull the whole thing.

Assume that it's going to take you the better part of a day to get the thing torn out, and most of another to get it put back.
1998 Maristar 200VRS
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