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Leather seats

Originally Posted by Tristarboarder View Post
I had a friend who called on a mobile service that came to her work and fixed a vinyl tear on the arm rest of her Escalade. He used some sort of glue, then literally painted it with an airbrush to match the interior color. Looked great, never could tell it was a repair...just a thought, maybe call around your local area.
Oddly enough, on my Tahoe LT with leather, I recently replaced one of the seat bottoms. You can purchase the bottom, back, or armrest pieces individually and replace just what is torn. Most drivers side seat bottoms on leather seats is what seems to always need replacing. The seatcovers are just clipped on the seat frame, they aren't sewn onto anything or stapled like we are used to seeing on the boats. Replacement takes about 1 1/2 hours, with most of that time taking it out and disconnecting the electrical.

On the front seats, the part you sit on and the back are of leather, the vertical parts of the seat bottom (where the controls are cut in) is vinyl, and the armrest and headrest is also vinyl. As you move back in the vehicle, they use less and less leather. The second row seats have just the center sections of the seat bottom and back as leather. The third row seats are all vinyl.
The vinyl is a dead ringer for color match and the textures are pretty similar as well, the sheen with some 303 on it will give it away.

I doubt the Escalade is any different.
Oh, and I'd agree that on a piece that small, just have it recovered with new.
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