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Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
Wires stapled along the sill plate and along the side of the joist are completely legal and in compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC). I do know that FHA loans are subject to their own independent standards, but I have to believe that this FHA inspector is off base. Otherwise every house in my town would fail. I've never seen a house that didn't have romex stapled to the side of a joist. And I know of a lot of houses that sold recently with FHA loans. FWIW I am a Master Electrician, certified IAEI Electrical Inspector and Plan Reviewer. You or your buyer needs to speak to the inspector again and somehow ask him if there is any chance he misread or misapplied the regulation. And ask to see it.
I would just ask to see the regs- saying that he mis-read it is likely to make him mad. I would also ask why his requirements diverge from NEC and what he's using as his reference. Is he privy to what's coming with the April 2014 NEC changes? How, exactly?
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