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Originally Posted by aquaman View Post

The CC are structurally heavier built, which in my book is superior to a "light weight" wake boat which has less glass in the hull to save costs.
I have seen the stringer and hull structures, at the factory, for all of the big three. The one thing I can say without a doubt, is that MC's are the heaviest built of the three. Have you seen the stringer structure in an MC??

And as for the comments of handlaid vs chopper gun..... MC hand lays first, and then installs all the aluminum backer plates (another thing CC does not do), and then sprays the chopper gun layers over the entire hull and deck structures.

Does it need to be that comprehensive? No. Essentially they are overbuilt by a large margin. CC isn't quite as comprehensive with their hull and stringer structures, but they don't need to be. Their hulls are plenty strong. I don't feel that they are behind at all, in quality of construction.

That being said, CC's are certainly not "structurally heavier built".
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