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It's bullchit but I've had to do some pretty hinky things to sell a house before and no matter how well you justify your position, it comes down to what the seller wants (typically the home inspector who doesn't know his @ss from a hole in the ground.
Had to caulk all the valley seams on a ProPanel roof once. Had to replace a good moen faucet with a $40 throw away because it dripped. Used that faucet in my next home. Even showed the new owners how to pull the cartridge and gave them the # of the moen store in town.
Had to fix a swamp cooler that wasn't broken. They tested it on the only humid day that summer.
On the flip side I did buy a house out from under someone because they wanted a bunch of stuff fixed that wasn't broke and I bought it no inspection required.

Sucks but get the house gone and be happy in your awesome new place!
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