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Originally Posted by snork View Post
Um, MC are hand laid fiberglass and Nautique is chopper gun sprayed glass particle so MC is way superior in construction just for starters but I'll have to admit while the G series are not the best look'n boat with comfy ergonomics the G23/21 wake is #1 with stock ballast and I spend hours over minutes behind the boat opposed to slum'n in the boat
I'll never say anything bad about the 04-11 XStar its the best look'n and comfy boat with a wakeboard wake nearly identical to the G23 when properly weighted with the PWT sacks
And the problem with chopper sprayed fiberglass is What ?? weight ??

So what MC might be handlaid they save weight + costs in glass.......So that you the owner only have to add more ballast. DUH

The CC are structurally heavier built, which in my book is superior to a "light weight" wake boat which has less glass in the hull to save costs.
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