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Originally Posted by Aric'sX15 View Post
There is no difference in build quality.
So heres why people think we are elitists. When other companies come out with better products than what our company has to offer, we instantly shoot it down and its insta-crap. I think mc should come on to this board more often and get a clue every once in a while. There is no opinions on how mc is behind cc and malibu. Its fact. No surf system in our line up is swaying away a lot of potential customers.

Ending this thread would be stupid! You have no intrest in wake boats anyway, so move on...
Ah, but I really didn't say it was crap. I didn't use those words, they were suggested by you that is what I said. What I said were subjective opinions (ugly, looks uncomfortable). What you said was that MC was far behind ski antique, which they aren't. What I'm confirming are the way in which the two companies build their boats. I know how MC does it. I know how ski antique does it but am confirming before I spoil it. I'll give you this, cc towers are not domestic.

Wake and looks are subjective, construction is not. I will say this, if MC wasn't around I would own a ski antique. They are #2 with respect to quality of build of "the big three" with malibu a far distant #3. They are so far back I don't know how there is a consideration of a top 3, it is really a top 2.

As for my interest in wake boats, some day when I've decided to give up, I'll take up surfing....and when that day comes these boats will be at a price where I may actually be able to buy one of them.
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