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Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
I understand the point of having FHA guidelines. Some requirements that they enforce are unenforceable any other way. Such as having open stairs leading to a basement with no ballusters or handrails. A case like that may precede building codes (State building code here in MA was non existent until 1973. And there is no mechanism to require it be brought up to code. So FHA requires it.

But I have to believe that the FHA inspector is way off base. Is there a way to ask to speak to his supervisor? I believe he is confusing wires stapled under the joist run perpendicular scenario with your scenario.
The appraiser that is requiring this is a solo practice and from my conversation with him, they are certified FHA appraisers/inspectors (not really sure what that means/amounts to though). I asked if there was any higher power that I could appeal this to and was told no. Based on my conversation with him, I could see I was going to get nowhere and the $200 it is going to cost me to have a certified electrician put "C" shaped conduit over the wiring is likely less that some other thing he will come up with if I complain. In the end I just like to be educated.
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