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Originally Posted by giantjoe View Post
Hey we've been shopping for a boat and are close to a decision. We have two different 195 hulls (a Prostar and an X-5) that we're comparing that are pretty equivalent, and a 197 that's a few years newer but also more money. How's the skiing wake compare between the two hulls?

I'm a new skier, my wife is pretty experienced, skiing is the major concern. We would be using it at a multiuse boat, so any info on surfing/wakeboarding is also relevant. Is perfect pass necessary for skiing the course? I'm a new driver, and I'd like to make sure my wife gets clean runs.

Any info is appreciated. We've read up a bunch on the 195 and know it is (arguably) the best hull ever designed... Can the 197 hold a candle to it?
Definitely a difference between them. What speed does your wife ski? Can you link some ads? A lot of the decision (if it were me buying) would be based on the price and condition of each boat. Both are great slalom machines. What year 197? Perfect Pass is an absolute must, IMO.
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