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Prostar 195 -vs- Prostar 197

Hey we've been shopping for a boat and are close to a decision. We have two different 195 hulls (a Prostar and an X-5) that we're comparing that are pretty equivalent, and a 197 that's a few years newer but also more money. How's the skiing wake compare between the two hulls?

I'm a new skier, my wife is pretty experienced, skiing is the major concern. We would be using it at a multiuse boat, so any info on surfing/wakeboarding is also relevant. Is perfect pass necessary for skiing the course? I'm a new driver, and I'd like to make sure my wife gets clean runs.

Any info is appreciated. We've read up a bunch on the 195 and know it is (arguably) the best hull ever designed... Can the 197 hold a candle to it?
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