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I just bought a stick of teak from Teak World last month. $73 (shipping included for a close proximity location) for the same platform. They don't do credit cards or PayPal. Billing is their M.O.

They sent me the board that did not have any radius so it came just the way I needed it. I did not use the board for this platform as I have another use for it in mind outside of the platform.

I use 75 % linseed oil / 25% mineral spirits. Teak oil is too heavy for my preference. Once a season is all I have to tend this one....trick that I have learned with my preferred mixture is to brush the oil on and leave it for an hour or so but not long enough for the excess to start drying in excess. Wipe the excess off very good and let each coat dry for 24-48 hours. Don't rely on any excess to soak in.....not the way it works for best results that I have experienced. Also pick a warmer time to do the project. Cooler temps (in the 50s) make for a long (and tacky) dry time....two coats total is all I ever use. Takes about 3/4 cup per coat for two sides.

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