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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
Approach carefully. Do not final-cut the hoses until you have done a test fit. Don't go cutting a certain length on a 90 deg cut. It doesn't work that way. Best I recall is 19" for each hose to make the fit. The exhaust port on the riser does not line up on the same axis as the exhaust (they are a little off), therefore you will not get a perfect fit. The hose will have a tiny bit of a bend in it near the riser. Live with it.

Best way to fit the hoses are to do the hoses before securing the risers back into place. They are much easier to work with when the risers off.

Softwall hoses will cut easily with a box cutter. Wired hose is about the same other than the tough wire. Don't ruin a good pair of Klines on that nasty wire., Use some junker cutters.

Don't forget the anti-seize compound on the hose connections....


I used a hack saw or my air reciprocating body panel saw for cutting the wire. A small bolt cutter would work, too. I never had any luck with wire cutters, IIRC.
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