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Originally Posted by bobx1 View Post
I figured Mike might be on here...I came across a picture of his doing a Google search and it lead me to a Wake World forum post he had made. I actually chatted with him about a couple things, great guy! It absolutely confirmed that I made the right color choice after seeing real life pics...his boat is flat out gorgeous. I'm going to be even a little more risky and going with a bunch more black, just cause most of my toys are murdered out like that. I'm doing the exact inverse of his more black but allows me to do the green welt line which should look plain sick against the black, I can't wait. I know the black vinyl would not be great in the deep south, but us northern kids have more days we are out in the 60's and low 70's than days it is above 88. Plus it will force the chicks to jump in more often & who doesn't like that?

Anyway, I keep deciding on black...then look at the pic of Mike's boat in the water and the chrome does look sweet. Probably can't go wrong either way.
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