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Originally Posted by roadster02 View Post
Most of the diesel pumps here in Colorado are clean, and I have found the same on my cross country trips. I in a 100 will be coated. C'mon, that is no excuse to not own a diesel.
I personally own a duramax and it doesn't bother me to pull up to a nasty pump because I'm a grungy mechanic and deal with that stuff every day, but most businessmen don't want to have to put fuel in their diesel in their suit and go to work smelling like diesel. ( I have no idea what the o.p. does for a living though) I saw a salesman from one of the local dealerships at the diesel pump the other day, all dressed up in typical nice sales clothes. He had 3 towels wrapped around the filler handle and when the pump didnt shut off it spewed all over his nice shoes. I'm sure he was sitting there thinking "these diesels are worthless I'd never own one" just giving the o.p. a heads up

Originally Posted by m5guy View Post
Of course, there's always this reason...
Darn new diesels are so clean they barely have any smell
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