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Originally Posted by 03x30 View Post
I'd buy that all day long at 2x the money.

Couple of points ..

1- Cuba .. definitely a saltwater boat. Is it a saltwater series? I'm guessing its rusted out and is going to need a new motor. $2700 + labor (or there abouts).
2 - the trailer looks ok, its galvanized (not SS) and I wouldn't do anything to it.
3 - Just priced all new skins for a Malibu and it was $2k. So $4k for an upholstery shop or just find skins and DIY. I would stick to white/grey/charcoal on the colors. Don't try to incorporate that blue. Keep it neutral but complimentary inside.

All depends on what you want to do. In the states, I would buy it, fix it, flip it. You don't exactly have a huge resale market (guessing).

Just a dirty penny .. keep rubbing! It will all be worth it in the end.
1. It is a SS, and the motor looks to be in great shape. It was previously bored .030 and showed no wear on the pistons or valve walls. The good news is it will be coming back to the states with me in a year when I pull new orders

2. See trailer pics for condition, I will have to do some work to prevent further rust.

3. I was thinking the same for the skins, I am leaning toward all white/grey. but if I get the boat re-geled I may go black with blue accents.

Originally Posted by Burbon66 View Post
Is the problem with the interior sun damage? Looks bad considering it's an 07. It must of lived most of its life uncovered. Maybe try to go for a UV stabilized vinyl if you are planning to keep it.
The interior is sun damaged and dried out and cracked, after I get new vinyls it will definitely be covered.

In the new pics I have taken the rub rails of for buffing and I have prepped the gel coat repair spot once I get my kit in.

The platform is going to need sanding a sealing as well. Thanks for all of the replies so far, Team Talk is awesome!
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