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Originally Posted by Nick911 View Post
I have a Hyperlite Motive 109 for my 5 year old. The last couple years he's been riding on his stomach on a knee board behind the boat so he was comfortable back there and not afraid of wiping out. We started this spring with drills in the grass with board on and rope, knees bent, arm straight, stand up. In the water for the first few times I sat in lake with him and helped him pop up by pushing him out; after a couple tries he's able to get up now on his own. We use about 60' of rope for him with a nice even pull. We started off pulling slowly but we found it much better to be more aggressive on the pull.

He rides fairly well and with the X25 he needs to stay between the wake.

Will use the same technique to get my 4 year old up next year. They both play hockey and skate 6 days a week all year except 2 months of summer so they have developed strong legs and good balance which had helped the quick progression as well I'm sure.
I tried to teach my 7 year old how to surf last summer but her main issue seems to be no balance. She still can't ride a bike yet either so I'm wondering how I can get around the balance thing.
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