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New Tow Rig - Diesel HD or Gas

What a great problem to have! My current tow vehicle for our 2013 X55 is off lease - it's a 2012 Sierra Denali half ton. It has done a commendable job pulling nearly 8,000 pounds of boat, trailer and gear around this past summer. We made a few long highway trips up north to Crystal Lake and Torch Lake and it definitely worked hard holding 70+ up the hills - but did a decent job. It's time for her to move on to a new house.

I'm not a fan of either the Ford or Ram trucks - we've driven both and they're not in the cards - personal preference.

The new redesigned 1/2 ton Sierra's are now starting to ship in the Denali package. Basically the same drive train as my old Denali with a bit more HP and more than a bit more torque. I imagine this truck will do as well, if not better, than the vehicle it replaces.

...however, this spring the redesigned 2500HD's are being delivered - with the same Duramax Diesel power train (~400HP / 765ft/lb Torque). I have a short term vehicle option to get me through to the release of the new HD should I want to wait for the spring option.

I only use the truck to pull the boat in the summers and to haul miscellaneous stuff for our yard/house. Nothing significant on the hauling, but occasionally put a big load of river rock or fieldstone in the rear. I have a sedan that I drive during the warm months here in Michigan (both of the warm months) and put that away for the winter and drive the truck. 35 miles one way to work on 2-lane county roads (55mph). Averaging 10k miles per year on the truck - 2 yr 20k lease on the current truck.

In the past, I've owned a 3/4 ton Silverado and a bunch of 1/2 tons. 3/4's can be a little harsh on the road unloaded but understand the dynamic. I have never owned a Diesel. We drove a 2014 (old body style) this past week and it was quiet, well mannered and had TONS of low end grunt.

Anyone with experience in both the gas and diesel side of a 3/4 ton with a perspective on direction? If I go gas, I'll just pick up a 1/2 Denali in the next 30-60 days if I can find one. If I go Diesel, I'll hold tight for 6 months and get one in the spring - in time to start launching the X55! Looking for perspective on both the towing side as well as day-to-day manners for winter driving. i.e.: Does it heat up well on cold winter mornings??? Is the 3/4 ton Diesel overkill for pulling the X55?

Like I said at the start - what a great problem to have! Cost of Diesel vs gas or vehicle acquisition cost is not a significant factor. Opinions???
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