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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
That looks great. I will forward this photo to my installer.

I'm not putting a limiters on my set up so I was wondering, do you have thru hulls for discharge on the side of the boat or does it only push out the bottom to drain? How do you know its drained without looking at it.
They drain through the bottom. When they're full, water comes out the vent on the side, when I'm draining, I just listen for the pitch of the pumps to change. I used Jabsco pumps, and they're loud. You can easily hear the pump get louder and hear the bags gurgle. At the end of the summer, I had the timing down. The ski locker bag drained in about 2-1/2 mins and the rear lockers about 4 mins. Running each bag on a separate intake and pump is crucial for a fast ballast setup, and also allows for tweaking on the fly. I have a 125lb bag on each side of the bow I manually fill while waiting for the auto stuff to do it's thing. I sink my boat with 2000lbs in like 5 mins.
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