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Originally Posted by cbryan70 View Post
How much for the sacs? No clue how much they go for. It they Dont sell I'll drag the new boat down and ilk see what kind of wake if any my boat can throw...if its half decent I'll buy as long as we can work out an agreement for me to borrow a board for a family vacation planned for July. No way I can spring for a surf board this year.
Hey, CBryan, I'll make you a deal... If you Buy Traxx's sacs, I'll GIVE you a wakeboard. I have an older Liquid Force Trip 133 in the rafters you're welcome to. I figure it helps spread the sport. It's got older Double Up Ultra Clamp wraps on it, and they're a little bagged out so they fit bigger feet. I'm size 8, and they fit me as easily as my buddy's size 11. It may be a bit small for you to really shred, but you'll have zero troubles learning to ride on it, and it's a great board for the Fam.

Unless you're referring to a surfboard, then I can't help you...
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