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Originally Posted by prostar205er View Post
Thanks Tim. Makes sense. Is 160 the tipping point before it opens?

After you get it there, do you drain all the water or just fill your tub with AF and let it suck it in to replace the water. (Seems to be a few schools of thought on this so wanted to see what your process was.)

160 is the point my thermostat opens. I run the engine for 10 or 15 minutes past that point. Then I drain the oil and change the filter. Once all that is done run it back up to temp +10 or 15 minutes again. I run the bucket down and then put in 6 gallons of AF. I run that into the motor and shut it down. Then all I do is pull the impeller. I never drain the water or the AF. I don't drain the water because end up pulling the hot water off of the thermostat which could allow it to close. I don't drain the AF because I want the anti corrosion of the AF in the motor.

To each their own.

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