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Originally Posted by prostar205er View Post
Yes...and no. It was by accident that I saw the temp rise quickly, but it got me to wondering. So how do you know when it is to temp...or are you still going by the temp gauge but getting there at engine idle?

And are you wanting the oil warm because you are going to be changing it as well?
I'm using the gauge. But, even when the gauge gets to 160 that doesn't mean the engine and oil are at that temp. The oil takes longer to warm up so I run the engine up to 1500 so it happens a bit faster. Yes, the main reason I warm the oil is to help change it.

Those exhaust hoses that run from the exhaust manifolds to the mufflers and from the mufflers to the transom will burn up and normally collapse inside before you do damage to the engine.

Like some here have said, if you have adequate water flow and you don't over rev the engine you probably wont hurt anything. For me, I want to error on the side of not taking chances.

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