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Originally Posted by Dalilamba View Post
So the 750/1 will deliver 187 watts to each tower speaker and the 600/4 will deliver 150 watts to each tower speaker? Is the 750/1 a one channel amp and the 600/4 a four channel amp? which one is better for my application?
Both are superb amps for your application. The 750/1 is indeed a one channel MONO amp and will deliver slightly more power BUT you will have to connect your four speakers in series/parallel. The 600/4 is a 4 channel STEREO amp and requires straight forward wiring...each speaker has a dedicated channel.

There is an excellent article at Earmark Marine's website which compares the two. with 4 speakers so close to each othe the stereo effect is for all practical reasons null and void. Some guys strongly oppose this idea...
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