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Originally Posted by Dalilamba View Post
Wow those amps are expensive. 320 for the small one and 600 for the large one on ebay.
Dali, I'll leave you with this advice for the time being.... Call Odin at Earmark Audio 1-888-393-6789. They currently run an incentive for customers who already own JL Audio equipment. They will take your used JL amplifiers as a trade in on new JL equipment which can save you a lot of money. I bought my MHD 600/4 as part of a package deal with my old JL trade in from Odin at an unbeatable price. He's also super knowledgeable and a stand up guy to be dealing with. Yopu can't go wrong. You also have the peace of mind that they are a truly legit JL Audio dealer along with all the other great brands they carry.
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