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Originally Posted by jgraham37128 View Post
I used wd-40 too. Still no luck. Problem is impeller is at the stern so you are hanging over the motor trying to push the impeller to the rear of the boat. Hard to get any leverage. I thought based off all the post it would come out but I gave it a very good effort. I did the two paint openers with no luck. I have a very small pair of channel locks and was able to get it out a little. Then I sprayed with wd-40 and bumped the starter. Tried again to pull out and no luck. Bumped the sarter again, and still no luck. Probably spent 30-45 minutes total to get it out.
Replied before seeing this. Try needle nose vise grips. That was what one of the guys from the old MCOC recommended to me, along with the WD40.
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