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MC PS 190/ Monte Carlo 30

I was talking with a guy the other day that is a car dealer and buys everything from auction. When I was at his shop, I noticed an older looking PS 190 sitting there and asked him about it. That must have made his day, bc he walked me back there and showed and told me all about it and was pretty excited to inform me it was a powerslot boat. It also has the arch for the net but is missing the net. He did not know the purpose of the arch but I filled him in. He found it at auction and paid $2500 for it with a trailer. Now, this is far from a perfect boat, meaning it has been painted (not gelcoat) and was in need of a new interior, which it now has, among other needs. He said he ran it in the spring and it runs great but he brought it back to the shop to have the upholstery guy do some work and so he could refurb the engine. It currently reads about 850 hours and needs a fair amount of work to get back to my standards but as he said, "for $2500, why not?!" He also said that he has always been a SN fan as he was on the ski team in college and that is what he always skied behind, but he just could not pass it up for the price. Now he has become a fan of MC.

He also proceeded to show me his pride and joy, which was around an '85 Monte Carlo 30, made by Riva. It was a very interesting boat bc of the versatility of it and bc the guy that ordered it put twin BMW turbo Diesels in it instead of the optional 454. He said it only goes about 60mph with these engines but bc it is a diesel, it gets better fuel economy, which is good bc he has a 250 gallon tank to fill. It is a center console, twin engine with a cuddy and a stepped hull. Supposedly the first boat to have a production stepped hull. This particular boat was a tender for some guy that had a 150' yacht in FL and the guy was getting a new yacht and just had this one in limbo as far as what to do with it. He ended up selling to this guy for $30k, with 152 hours on the ticker. He has the original paperwork for the boat and back in the mid 80's, it retailed for $389k! He had it appraised for $200k. I looked the boat over very good and I saw one very minor blemish which was a small 3" scratch on the stbd bow. This boat was immaculate. I wish I would have taken some pics, but I knew they would not do it justice bc the storage area was too small to back up and get the whole boat. I have never seen one of these boats before and thought it was a beautiful boat, especially for the age.

I really enjoyed talking with this guy and hopefully will see one or both of his boats at the lake in the not too distant future. Below is a Monte Carlo, but not his. His was Red White and Blue, with the blue matching the blue in the BMW logo.

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