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Thanks for your responses Guys.

I have checked the resistance from the ECT, MAP and TPS sensors, as well as the earth cable to battery again and all seems to be with in spec. (ps they are all new anyway)

Adjusted Fuel pressure regulator to 30psi, although manual recommends 30psi minimum, and therfore I suspect it could be higher and not affect the motor.

Put old 4 blade prop back on (13 x 13) but it allows the motor to rev up to 4500rpm where it starts to missfire. Rev limit is 5200 but I am unable to rev passed 4500 due to the severe misfire / splutter. Pulls like a freight train untill about 43-4400rpm but I cannot barefoot behind it at this speed.

I also pulled the spark plugs to check and have attached photos below. Gap set at 1.1mm as per manual. What do you think?

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