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Originally Posted by blackcreek View Post
Stritt, On my 97 I pretty much did it the same way except I did not replace the carpet under the bow seats. I ran the rear carpet in two pieces with the seam under the kick panel, just seemed easier to work with two smaller pieces. It looks like wingnut ran the front seam the same place I did just in front of the ski pole. I also used a curved carpet blade to cut the carpet back under the front seats. I bought my carpet all in one big lot from the upholstery guy. He did the engine lid and kick panel carpet along with the new skins and I did the carpet while I was waiting. Here is the thread on my 97 carpet install. It looks like wingnut did it the same except I can't tell if he ran a seam along the rear kick panels or not. I used outdoor carpet glue but don't remember the particular brand name, wish I remembered because it is holding up well. I ended up filling in a lot of the screw holes in the floor with epoxy since some of them were stripped anyway. I filled in the drivers seat screw holes and moved the base to my liking then drilled new holes. I used straight pins with little yellow beads on the end from my wifes sewing stuff to mark the holes in the panels, I just poked them through the carpet in the screw area untill I found pay dirt.
Thank you. Looked at your write up, I thought about seaming under panel down sides, looks good. Our carpet is seemed where you have a seam in fron of the observers seat, original carpet so factory placed in same area.

Our carpet is a light grey and havent found a match so will have to do the whole boat to keep consistent. Our biggest issue is it is loose through the walkways. Your interior looks great. We will be shopping the upholstry guys around here, lucky to have Viper and others 20-30 minutes away.
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