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Broken Ski Award 2013-2014

Itís about that time of the year to decide who wins the Broken Ski Award for 2013-2014!

We have 3 candidates so far:

1. Go-Pro camera was dropped in the lake. That is the only detail I have on it.

2. We have a very injury prone skier, and one of the clubs founding fathers (and a life member) whoís goal was to be the top Mens 5 3-event skier in the AWSA South Central Region. On his 1st pass of his 1st tournament and not even full speed, he tore his posterior tibial tendon going around 5 ball and could not continue the rest of his events. Yes, he was naive enough to send me a pic of the injury... He also injured himself numerous times after that...

3. This one seems to be the sure-fire winner... We have an amazing long time old member 3-event skier who placed in the top 5 in all three events for Menís 4; and #1 in the South Central region for tricks. He was out on the lake a few weeks ago and while doing a toe hold, caught an edge and broke the ski. he is unaware, but I do have a pic of him holding his broken ski, and the expression on his face was well, letís say less than happy about breaking a brand new trick ski.

I will post the pics after December 14, 2013.

The obvious vote goes to #3, but it sure would be nice to give it to #2, and cement his place in the clubs history other than founding father, but also BSA recipient.

Who should get the award?
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