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So I let my neighbor run the BG products through it.
We started by putting 44k in the fuel tank, then dumped 109 Compression Restoration into the crankcase. Next, we put the Injection System Cleaner into the BG injection apparatus, hooked it to the fuel rail, hooked in the shop air at 53 PSI and started her up! When that was done we dumped the Air Intake System Cleaner into the apparatus, attached the sprayer attachment, stuck that into the throttle body and ran it some more. Next was an oil and filter change. I have to admit that I was alarmed at how black the oil was! This was fresh oil - I had just done an oil change two weeks prior - couldn't have been more than one hour of driveway run time on it. As part of the oil change we put BG MOA in the crankcase with the new oil.
The results? Compression in cylinder 5 came up from 145 to 155. Cylinder 3 up from 150 to 153. Cylinder 2 was previously the highest at 172 - it came down a little to 168. The remaining cylinders were relatively consistent with the original numbers. The highest cylinder is now 170 PSI. The compression numbers are now right at 10% from high to low. I did not do any leak down re-testing. All of the spark plugs now looked pretty nasty so I also took the opportunity to install new ones. Then I winterized and put her to bed for a long winter's nap.
Snake oil? As they say, the proof is in the pudding. I'll post pictures of the oil and plugs when I get a chance. Unfortunately, now we get to wait until spring to see how the story ends.
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