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Originally Posted by Stritt View Post
Carpet looks great. That is a project I need to do this winter, any tips to offer? I have a 97 205 so its just like yours, did you lift the deck to get the carpet underneath or cut around?
1) glue discussions were very interesting to wade thru. I used DAP indoor outdoor carpet glue- which I couldn't find locally so had to order thru Amazon supply. A gallon did me just fine. Trowel on, let set up then press carpet in. 2) I ordered Corinthian carpet - Called Shawn in Portland and was shipped here in three days. 32 Oz is lighter than what came out but fine for me. I unscrewed the bow sections and used a car jack with 2x4 to pop up the fiberglass sections a bit. 3) used a hooked carpet blade to cut and trim. Great tool but shape as crap- dont stab your fingers you WILL Leave a blood trail. (from experience). 4) you have to watch the thickness of the carpet if you have panels that fit together. Cooler in floor for me was tight fit. 5) I chose to take out the bottom portion of the side panels to gain floor space. 6) Save 14 inches wide x 14 feet to do the engine box bottom to match.7 Premark all the screw holes in the floor. I didn't and used the brail method of sticking an awl thru 200 times where I thought the hole was to find the screw holes.
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