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Originally Posted by Timdog145 View Post
I have been reading a lot on this thread about how to wire a second battery and I have figured out how I want to wire it. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to secure as second battery in the bow of an 89 Prostar 190?
I have done this in previous closed bows (83, 85, 93 models) similar to the 89.

Your machine has a floor / on stringers throughout up to the point of where the hull vees into the bow configuration.

On the 93 (most recent) I bought a battery box and secured it to the floor with the mounting brackets that come with the box. Think I paid $12 - 15 for the box, lid, and tie-downs. Just secure the brackets to the floor with #10 or so wood screws, wedging the box (not forcing anything) into the vee configuration and secure it there. I used an old life jacket strap with a buckle instead of the oem strap with friction tightener. Much easier to work with that when accessing and egressing the box.

This will leave plenty of room under the bow for other items. I moved the start battery from the rear fuel cell compartment and placed the start battery under the passenger seat, then measured out my wiring configuration. Went to Genuinedealz dot com for prefabricated tinned wire, end connectors, shrink. They do a great job and ship USPS 'if it fits it ships' and my $450 worth of wire cost $12 and some change to ship. No wire weight to consider for shipping.

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