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Originally Posted by XtwentyNot View Post
Here is the current setup. Not sure if I could get two 12's in there. Guess I need to measure it up. Which way would they radiate? I'm sure I could get a single 15" though.
You don't see open helm consoles on most or more recent MasterCrafts, and that is a huge advantage for you since the subwoofer will be direct-radiating in your case. With a very large woofer in a bass-reflex enclosure you will probably need to aim the sub and port outward....right at your knees. In a side-firing set-up, with such a large enclosure, the woofer and port would be a little cramped. And that's something you want to avoid. Btw, you always want the woofer and port on the same side of the enclosure in this particular scenario. So your situation is a simple one. Go with the most surface area you can as long as the woofer thermal power rating is matched well with your amplifier power. That could be two times 12W6v3s or a single 12W7 or a single 13W7. Start with the boat which will dictate the maximum external enclosure displacement which will dictate the loading method and woofer. It's about creating the most output in the most efficient manner. The woofer/amplifier combination that is operating the most conservatively always sounds the best.
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