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Sub recommendations, which one ?

Finally got a JL HD1200/1. Before I had a HD900/5 to power my JL in boats and single 12" CVR sub. After changing my 600/4 to a 750/1 on the tower I am going to replace the 900/5 with 600/4 running the in boats and 1200/1 on the sub.
So I really want to stick with a single sub under the helm. I have plenty of room so any size, just needs to slam. Probably a ported box. Couple of questions: 12w6 handle that much power or do I need a 12w7? Or look for a nice used 13.5? Or go with AA or another brand? Or two? Any input appreciated! While my current 12" in ported box has been adequate I'm excited for more power and bass. Thanks!
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