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Originally Posted by cal2vin View Post
Its a 2008 bought in summer of 2010. Is there anywhere in the back area of the boat that that would be acceptaple to tap into or do I need to run all the way up to the ignition?

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For switched voltage, I would go to the ignition wire at the switch, but use that wire to trigger a relay to switch the current for whatever I want to operate, taking the current from the distribution block. That way, the new device(s) draw no current from the ignition lead, other than the <150mA needed for the relay's coil. If you need to fish wires, go to a hardware store and look for polyethylene tubing- it comes in various diameters so you could feed the tubing to the next location and feed the wire through the tube and then pull the tubing back when you're done. It's semi-rigid, so you can push the tubing past cables, etc. There's usually a place to pass wires from the driver's footwell to the spotter's footwell, where the blower/ventilation ducting comes up from the bilge. I always put wires and cables in split loom tubing, to keep it safe and make it less visible.
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