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Imyoumaster, The amps are wired straight to the accessory battery with their own inline fuses. I pulled all all the stock wire for the amps out and replaced it with the Knukonceptz. The accessory battery is then wired to the switch for separation purpose and all that.

Cantrepeat, I was originally testing wires behind the ignition and found that the wire I needed as the ignition turn on was purple. I was going to try run a wire all the way to the ignition, but noticed the purple wire at the fuel level sender or whatever it is, so I tested it. It was what I needed so I just tapped into it. Since its not really drawing hardly any current, I didn't think it would harm anything. It was the closest place I could find to tap into. Only about 2 feet of wire vs. 15. Its worked great for two seasons. May be better places but that works out for me.
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