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Originally Posted by Chrismath88 View Post
So, didn't get as much done as i would have liked. mostly more compounding the same areas. did do some looking into decals, I'm considering the newer chrome 3D plastic ones that stick out... but I've taken some side profiles in the hope that someone better than I with computers could superimpose the stars and stripes logo on it. or the bigger chrome and black mastercraft logo. I think it was on a Sammy d edition. I also tried using a car scratch repair 4 in one kit. the few scratches that won't come out with buffing are well above the water line. couldn't find a great color match but it made it much less noticeable after sanding and buffing it. Probably going to work on it this weekend as well. I have been back and forth on the interior as its not horrible and only the engine cover and bottom driver seat cushion need recovering.. I got a quote for 1700 to replace the entire interior including new foam. this is from a real shop who does good work and would use marine vinyl and foam. I'mjust trying to save money and see if anyone has used thoes spray vinyl repair things or a service like fibrenew. some seats only have mold issues but it comes back after i clean it... or should i just get it all recovered.
$1700 seems like a super price for a complete interior. I would have a hard time passing that up. Boat looks great, love that Flagship Blue.
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