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Originally Posted by varun View Post
Whoh this is a VERY COOL idea, I want to hookup a setup like this. I guess I'll find a way to rig on a garden hose connector to a bucket then I can suck up RV antifreeze easily into the engine.
QUESTION: What exactly is the Mastercraft 'ENGINE FLUSH KIT'. Is this the garden hose connector on the transom where you can hookup a hose to run the motor? If so, should I order my new boat with this option, so I can just connect a hose connected to a bucket of antifreeze, for an easy way to fill the motor/heater with antifreeze?
You don't need to tap into the bottom of the bucket. I have a short section of hose with a valve on top where I hook up the garden hose attached to the side of the tub I use with two screws at the top. I also have intake hose that is attached to the supply hose with zip ties. When not in use for running in the driveway, the tub holds all the odd assorted boat supplid I like to keep handy.
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