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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Never sent a flame at someone who disagreed. 5 gallon bucked can't keep up at idle. Hey's it's your engine... Do what you want.. not MCOCD post never implied not doing it was dumb.

The comment was not directed at any one person, simply the idea that an engine out of the water needs the full flow of raw water provided by the pump.
If an individual has so much pride in an unfounded idea they cant read my original statement for what it was then that may qualify them as dumb.

I will accept the FACT that the raw water pump CAN flow an extremely high volume of water. It is designed so high for worst case scenario and still have capacity to spare. Heavy load, hot tropical water, worn parts, etc.
I also contend any standard marine engine does not need this full volume for cooling.
If it did, the much lower volume of a hose would result in scalding hot water or pure steam from the exhaust. Neither of which happens. After heavy running on a hose, water from the exhaust will still be only warm to the touch at approx. 110-120 degrees. Risers are hot but no hotter than if one touches them after running on the water. The brass pump housing is cool to the touch so the is no rubber friction there.

Even WOT on the trailer, the engine is not under load thus not burning max fuel or producing the heat. Also, tap water is usually 50-75 degrees and thus has greater heat absorption than worst case tropics.

A person can change their oil every 20 hours, new impeller once a month or dump buckets of water. That is fine, none will damage the engine but all are a waste of time, money and resources for what a standard production engine requires for a long, happy life. A person can laugh it off as MCOD, I just laugh.

Be very clear, I think the idea of a bucket hooked to the raw water has advantages over a "fake a lake" or Flush but all have their tradeoffs.
The idea that an engine needs as much water flow as the raw water pump can provide is flawed and dumb in my opinion from experience and qualitatively.
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